Direction And Transportation

For those coming from the railway station it is possible to reach the B&B by taking the bus 1A towards Piazza Saffi and getting off at the Biblioteca stop, then continuing on foot for 180 meters.
Here  you can find the link to Start Romagna, the public transport company in Forlì.

In Piazzale Solieri, about 80 meters from the entrance to the B&B, there is a column for charging electric cars.

Also in Piazzale Solieri and in Piazzale Martiri d’Ungheria (in front of the railway station) there are two stations for the Car Sharing service of the city of Forlì, here you can find all the information about it. In addition to the Car Sharing service there is also a Bike Sharing service. Here you will find information on the subject and here the map of the stations, also in this case there are stations in Piazzale Solieri and in Piazzale Martiti d’Ungheria