Who we are

Welcome to Forlì. The B&B Giardino34 was born in June 2018 in a late 19th century structure.
The building has housed in time part of the convent of the Church of San Pellegrino Laziosi, until it became the property of the Fabbri family at the beginning of the 20th century, which still lives there.
The grandfather, Antonio Fabbri, starting from 1920 he possessed racehorses, for the transport of people and carriages.

The building in the city is remembered with the name of stalattico, as it offered the service of temporary shelter for carriages and horses of travelers who came from outside the city.
Horse stables are still preserved and recognizable with the typical double opening door.
The premises where the B&B is located today used to serve, from 1966 to 1997, as the studio of renowned Forli artist Carmen Silvestroni, where she created an enormous body of work of drawings, paintings, ceramics and sculpture.
Until her passing in 1997, Carmen’s studio at Fabbri’s home also served as a meeting center for friends, artists, intellectuals and eccentric characters from Forli and beyond. If you ask around you’ll hear the story of how Carmen owned a black sheep which she often walked on the streets on a leash.
Today, her work entitled “The Chessboard”, consisting of nine separate sculptures, is a permanent exhibit in the Urban Park “Franco Agosto” in Forli.
Two different “Via Crucis” works of Carmen can be seen, one in the church of Regina Pacis in Forli and another along the road that leads from Forli to Sadurano, a locality on the first hills of Forlì.
The Fabbri family has always loved to leave space for artists and so still one of the rooms that overlooks the internal garden hosts Matteo Sbaragli, a young Forlì painter.
While the garden is cared for in every detail by the passion and attention of Mrs. Anna, who – if you have not already met – you will get to know between the lawn and the barn.
Inside the B&B the love for art has given life to a setting up of the rooms that creates the opportunity to meet the tourists-guests and the artists of Forlì. There are the “Submerged Horizons” of the sculpture-paintings by Eleonora Guidi; “The room of the Stars” with the dreamlike paintings by Barbara Spazzoli; “Secret” in which to discover the details of the works of Massimo Baldini; “The room of the Giants” with the portraits and icebergs of Matteo Sbaragli. And finally the living room is furnished with the art attacks of Anna and Lisa.

All the works are for sale, if you fall in love with the picture that has kept you company for a few nights or during breakfast, you can take it home with you. Ask the Fabbri family for any information.

And now some news about the artists …



“Horizons Submerged” the sculpture-paintings by Eleonora Guidi

Born in Forlì on October 22nd 1977, my artistic studies began within the walls of my home, where I became familiar with Form and Color; I graduated as a Master of Arts at the Art Institute of Forlì and then I graduated as a Professional Educator with a thesis entitled “Art, education and re-education. A laboratory experience”. I work in a center that welcomes people with disabilities and I lead some art workshops (including Ceramics, painting).
In my free time I dedicate myself to painting, but finding little satisfaction in the smooth canvas I experimented with new techniques of relief, to give body and shapes to my imagination.
The intense shades chosen to represent these “submerged horizons” are the colors that I perceive within me and that I feel the need to bring out.

Criticism of the Maestro Maurizio Marino Forte

Fantasy and colors are the happy protagonists of the three-dimensional art of ELEONORA GUIDI!
The artist’s soul extends into space and beautifully tells the colorful joy of being, of living, of enjoying the simple and genuine movements of life
Our heart is the sea with its inhabitants!
Our heart is the earth with its inhabitants!
The material used by the artist Eleonora is material of the soul that transforms into joyful emotions, which silently exalts a delightful variability of emotions, emotions that make us caress our childhood!
Eleonora Guidi, finally, can tell stories of colors, of silent sea, talking colored fish, dancing shells, funny and cute owls wrapped in intimate colors.
fb: Eleonora Guidi



“The room of the Giants” and the portraits and icebergs of Matteo Sbaragli

Matteo Sbaragli attended the Art School of Ravenna and graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Sbaragli is openly figurative and dedicates himself, almost exclusively, to large-format portraits. Starting from photographs of common characters, the artist transforms them, with precise technique and mindful of great American masters of objectivity, into symbolic forms of discomfort. The faces, partly meticulously reproduced in the most intimate detail, undergo partial deformations or offenses, are translated into unnatural colors, have unfinished parts, are struck by violent jets of color or, detached from the body, take on unexpected aspects. Ably balancing reality and imagination, Sbaragli portrays, after all, a painful reality: almost a series of faces emerged from an autopsy room or an illustrated manual of criminology. A world violated that the strong expressive charge of the painting of Sbaragli deals not with the cynicism typical of contemporary society but almost with ancient senses of piety and compassion. As well as on canvas, Sbaragli paints on aluminum sheets and on painted plexiglass slabs both on the front and on the back.
For many years research has concentrated in and around the head element. The head conceived as a place where events happen. Element of the body that possesses more than any other part a metaphysical quality, container of abstraction and solid image, holds back and ejects, suspends in midair eluding gravity, stops time and curves it.



“Secret” and the enigmatic details in the works of Massimo Baldini

Massimo Baldini, born in 1968, born in Cervia. Creative more for vice than for virtue, always plays with shapes and colors so much to be interested in interior design becoming interior decorator for twenty years.
In recent years, he took advantage of the economic crisis, which lightened his work commitments, to devote himself to painting with greater passion, opening the Quarantotto art laboratory in Forlì.
Atypical and informal artist identifies the key to expressing concepts and communicating emotions in the insertion of objects of common use (for their intrinsic aesthetic and symbolic value). A swing between nostalgia and dreams, between feeling and commitment, between the intimate and the universal. His works are an explicit invitation to open the mind.
fb: maximum baldini arti
Instagram: massimo_baldini_arti
whatsapp: 339 654 9216
Quarantotto laboratory via Giorgio Regnoli 48 – Forlì



“The room of the Stars” and the dreamlike paintings by Barbara Spazzoli

I was born in Forlì on October 27th 1968.
I have always had a passion for drawing and I have always drawn and painted … also in my ceramic workshop which remained open in Faenza until 1996.
I made my first show of canvas at the “Caffè delle Rose” in Faenza in 2009, with my “Lune”.
Hearts have been a non-random transition … I often find myself seeing hearts everywhere, in unexpected moments: in drops of water, leaves, stains, tree trunks, pieces of paper … and I wanted to begin to transmit these my “encounters”, painting them on canvas …
And so it was the beginning of a long series of exhibitions in places that even today I “choose” and observe, as if looking for a home for my paintings.
Then another small turning point thanks to a friend, who inspired by what I do, proposed to illustrate covers of notebooks and to use my images for other stationery items.
I love what I do and in every canvas there is a part of me, a moment, a dream, an inspiration …
I have no academic foundation, but my painting grows and evolves with me ..
fb: Barbara Spazzoli Arte
Quarantotto laboratory via Giorgio Regnoli 48 – Forlì